I communicate politely and kindly.
I work cooperatively with others.
I take care of resources and materials, and act as a steward of our community.

I arrive for each class prepared.
I participate fully and mindfully in class.

I carefully and thoughtfully complete all class assignments to the best of my ability, and in a timely manner.




I improve my learning by seeking help when needed and by asking questions.
I assess my work based on established criteria.
I learn from feedback and revise my work.

In the Aspire Higher Race Car program, we believe that the character traits of Respect, Responsibility, and Peresverance are important for student success in academics and in life. These habits can be modeled, taught, and assessed so that students can strengthen those character traits. Each one of the Habits of Work and Learning is broken down into three criteria that we strive to instill in every one of our students.