Guiding Principles

A Clear and Effective Communicator:

  • Students deliver public presentations throughout the school year, to local area businesses, banks, newspapers, teachers meetings, and the MSAD #17 School Board of Directors.

  • Each student is part of at least two presentation groups, producing presentation media and honing presentation skills.

  • Students participate in creating marketing materials and maintaining our website and social media content.

A Self-Directed and Lifelong Learner

  • Working as part of the Aspire Higher Race Car Team engages students to think about both their current education and future career goals.

  • We partner with the Automotive Technology and Graphic Design programs at Oxford Hills Technical School (Maine Region 11) to build professional relationships and to help students develop career goals.

  • 85.7% of freshmen in this program have been accepted into a technical program at Oxford Hills Technical School

A Creative and Practical Problem Solver:

  • Group decision-making strengthens problem-solving skills and creative thinking in an authentic, business context.

  • Students move between diverse tasks such as welding and sanding to fundraising, article writing and public presentations.

A Responsible and Involved Citizen :

  • Students connect with local business partners as well as drivers and racing community partners across the country, developing a "global citizen" mentality.

  • The name Aspire Higher comes from a School District and Community cooperative program to inspire our students to push themselves beyond high school and attend either technical training or college.

Students in the Aspire Higher Race Car program are engaged in a new type of proficiency based education called “Product Based Learning”.  Our curriculum has brought us out of the traditional classroom and into a hands-on approach to STEM education.

Students who work in our program gain an understanding of the Maine Learning Results Guiding Principles.

Educational Outcomes of the Aspire Higher Race Car Program