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about us - Product Based Education

The Aspire Higher Race Car Team is made up of 60 students, grades 7-9, who for the past three years we have embarked on a mission to reshape the traditional mold of schooling.

This team isn't just a group of students working on a race car, we are a team that is taking charge of our education and what we want to learn.

The name Aspire Higher has a back story, in 1998 the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School only had 33% of high school graduates that went onto college or a technical training to further their education. In 1998, the Oxford Hills Community established the Aspire Higher initiative which pushes students to continue to follow their passion. Since the initiative was implemented, 74% of high school graduates have gone onto a higher level of education. 

As students and owners, we participate in five teams that make up our business. These include:

1.Building & Engineering
2. Public Relations & Events
3. Graphic Design
4. Finance & Marketing
5. Technology & Web Design

All of these career experiences in Oxford Hills and throughout Maine

The students continue to work and make progress; we are excited for the 2017 show season and race season!

  • 2017 Race Season,  May-October
  • Oxford 250,  August 27